Department for Planning Transport and Infrastructure

The department is made up of several different business areas with responsibilities including:

Public Transport Services

Improving the quality and frequency of public transport to attract patronage, enhance social inclusion, improve the environment and provide a transport network that is safe and secure that meets community expectations, makes a positive contribution to the economy and has minimal impact on the environment.

Transport Services

Manages, controls, maintains, upgrades and operates state-owned road and marine transport assets; manages traffic on the arterial road network; provides services to plan and deliver state transport infrastructure projects; and contributes to the development of transport and road safety policy.  The Division is also responsible for safety regulation of road, rail and marine transport and for compliance and enforcement operations.

Motorised Mobility Scooters

Motorised mobility scooters improve mobility and independence for people who have difficulty when moving due to disability, illness or injury. They are also known as mobility scooters, motorised wheelchairs or ‘gophers’. To find out more click here.

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